Home battery solutions


  • Lithium-ion battery technology (LiFEPO4)
  • 3.7kWh / 7.4kWh / 11.1 kWh storage modules
  • Automatic switch over during grid outage
  • Solutions for both single and three phase grid supply

The power of being connected.

Mini-grid Storage Solution (MSS33)
MSS33Mini-grid Storage Solution (MSS33) Plug and Play MSS33 14.8/ 22.2Lithium based Mini-Grid solut..
Solar MD  22.2kWh Advanced Lithium-Ion solution
Solar MD 22.2kWh advanced Lithium-Ion battery solution.The 22.2kWh relies on Lithium Iron-Phosphate ..
SS202 7.4kWh battery enclosure
SS202  7.4kWh battery enclosure solution.The flexible modular design enables it to be set up wi..
SS202 7.4kWh Lithium-Ion battery system MSS standard module
MSS 7.4k SS202 advanced Lithium-Ion battery.The SS106 relies on Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery for s..
SS4037 Solar MD 3.7kWh residential Lithium battery storage solution
Solar MD 3.7k SS4037 advanced Lithium-Ion battery.The SS4037 relies on Lithium Iron-Phosphate batter..
SS4074 Solar MD 7.4kWh residential wall-mounted Lithium battery storage solution
Solar MD 7.4k SS4074 advanced Lithium-Ion battery.The SS4074 relies on Lithium Iron-Phosphate batter..
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