About Us

Solar MD is a private company with a widely profiled team. It was launched by a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of not only solar PV, but lithium-ion battery storage systems as well. 

Our engineering department specialises in electrical, mechanical, electronics, software development and solar engineering. Already active in the industry, we chose to combine our knowledge to bring a new solution to the marketplace based on the increasing need for a quality solar and UPS backup systems.


As a perfectly vertically oriented company, our clients receive a state of the art Solar System which consists of Tier-1 Grade-A PV solar panels, state of the art aluminium structures, our own produced Lithium-Ion battery solution, supported by in-house developed electronics to protect and monitor the batteries on cell level. We provide our own developed monitoring-and-control product to all our clients. 

We have 20 years of combined experience in the solar field (from utility solar farms to small commercial and residential systems), and an in-depth knowledge of the products that we specialise in. 

We proud ourselves on neat installations backed up by a thorough understanding of all the technical facets. Due to the amount of development we do locally, we are able to deliver economically viable solutions to a wide spectrum of customers. Solar MD has completed over 200 domestic and commercial installations. 

Our systems are designed, installed and operated to the highest possible standards while remaining fully compatible and compliant with local bylaws.


Solar MD specifies only Tier 1 components with a proven, long-term, operating track record. Unlike other installers, we will also act on your behalf to enforce any warranty claims so you can have complete peace of mind when choosing a Solar MD system.